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 Anarchy (Open Workshop Suggestion Topic)

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PostSubject: Anarchy (Open Workshop Suggestion Topic)   Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:46 pm

Name: Heat Sensory
Rank: A
Type: Physical
Heat Sensory is a special ability gifted by an evil doctor, who held Kaigen and Kurokon Shikyo-Uzumaki as experimental slaves. Kaigen have plenty of individual special characteristics trained and learned ever since the ordeal with his captures. This was trained while inside of the prison. It's only accessible through blindness. Did you say blindness? As in my guy Kaigen's vision must be showered in complete darkness. The base of his visuals are just shapes from nearly invisible chakra threads to anything bigger. Any color that is sensed is usually defined by the type of heat in the perimeter. A Kunai is cold with no heat, but he can sense the heat around it shaping it into form in his head. Only thermal colors are sensible to Kaigen during this ability. He sense humans as shapes of one color including clothing, the ground one color, the sky another color. Anything humanoid or alive have the same color. He can sense temperature increase and fire chakra before created into an actual jutsu. It immediately eats D-Rank amount of chakra from Kaigen but it gives him a field of heat sensory for 8 post before it requires another dose of chakra. No cooldown just a once in a while upkeep. In summary: Kaigen would be granted the power to sense targets, techniques, and objects as shapes. Anything with a particular heat signature gets singled out as colors.

- Mental distortion can disable this ability.
- If not at full health this technique is locked. Any damage given will alert the brain and the characteristic will be deactivated/locked until proper healing is required.

Open to the public: No

Note: This is going to be Kaigen Shikyo's classic special characteristics. yet, I can't seem to fully make it operational. Everywhere I look it's some sort of battle and fear of it's capabilities.
Anyone have any advice, feedback, judging? I want to remake and finalize this to be functional in battle. It's usually a bloodline characteristic but I will edit the final version(when I make it) and make another copy but an original (non-bloodline) version just encase my character doesn't get Shikyo approved. It needs fleshing, limiting, rework, possible limitations and drawbacks, different routes to approvals (Different mechanisms or item)

Any help would be appreciated. I'LL be blowing this topic up ... so if you got something to say than say it.
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Anarchy (Open Workshop Suggestion Topic)
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