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 Yaju Hayate [Naruto]

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Zero Koyomi


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PostSubject: Yaju Hayate [Naruto]   Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:02 pm

Yaju Hayate

Basic Information

Age: 17
Birthday: Aug 28
Gender: Male
Living by the code of the fist- break shit first and ask questions last. Yaju is one of those kids who love to fight and rough house even with those of a higher level which people love about him. His face a total mystery, he has a brash and calm demeanor much like a hothead and free baller. Yaju gives no fucks about the running away from a battle; if he sees an opening to win he would take it and come out unscathed…most of the time. Whenever he is not fighting or breaking shit, he is a calm and cool kid who just enjoys chilling and relaxing, unless someone comes to him for a little demolition and destruction.

Born in the cloudy sanctuary of Kumogakure, Yaju was already destined for great things. At the age of two he was already training in the animal style martial arts. The first he mastered was the wolf style martial arts, his instincts were naturally feral. His parents were aware of his talent and continued to train him further, his father taking full control of his training. At the age of ten he was sent into the Ninja Academy to become a genin…if he didn’t his training would be cut off. As he continued to flow through the academy, he challenged his father to a fight, one in which would be the mistake of his life. At the end of his fight, he was beaten almost to death by his father whom only had one scar, one that he gave his father. The scar spanned across his face, like a line dividing an area. From that point forward he chose to hide his face, not from the scar but because he felt he wasn’t strong enough.

After graduating from the academy at the age of 10, Kyuzuro left the village to go and live in the caves of Kumo for three years to train himself, letting his feral and destructive nature be pushed to the surface. After the third year of living in the caves, he would return to the village to challenge his father again and this time with different results. His father looked at him and laughed before accepting his challenge, underestimating him from the start. Once the fight had begun, His father had already lost as Yaju was now faster and stronger than his old man, showing him his strength as he walked out of the house. He was soon apprehended by the authorities due to his neighbors calling them over the loud and destructive sounds. Being found guilty of killing his own father, Yaju wound up in the Kumogakure Prison where he had sat like a cage animal for some time, where he either fought and killed inmates or stayed in his cage like home. After spending an indefinite amount of time in the prison, his release came by the hands of the new Raikage. Feeling nothing but excitement he took her offer and became another ninja of the village, ready to continue his destructive life style.

Breaking Things
Sitting in the shade

Boring People
Things he cannot break
Your mom??

Ninja Traits

Rank: Genin
Village: Kumo
Element(s): Lightning
Specialties: Taijutsu
Clan: N/a
Bijuu Request: N/a


Health: 10
Chakra: 10
Stamina: 10
Speed: 15
Strength: 15

The Player

Other Characters:
Roleplay Sample: What the fuck is this blasphemy
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Yaju Hayate [Naruto]
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