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 Battle Brawlers

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PostSubject: Battle Brawlers   Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:02 am

This is a lesson on how to fight and use all of your power to win the fight.

A brawler type is meant to be speed and power. Don't focus too much on the damage you can take. Just deal it all before they hit you. Basically pushing someone into a corner and bash their face in while they try to defend. Crush them while they try to stand. Your first post it is best for you to come in swinging. None of that talking crap because that's wasting your time.

For someone who fights like a brawler, it's best to have one big weapon that you can move around easy. Don't worry about armor. Your only need for defense is to use your speed to DOGE.

Always charge the person but keep your eyes open for any detail they throw in for planning. The last thing you need to do is blindly charge into a trap of course. Use your power to destroy the trap and never let it come up again.

Create techniques that boost your speed and add to your strength. A good style for naruto is a Taijutsu main user. Don't worry about the 8 gates really because that will just kill you. Focus on training your speed and using your chakra to increase your kicks and punches. When you run into a tank type user, your best bet is to take them out before they can build the wall strong enough to endure your attacks. A good class for a Brawler to team with is a support/healer type. A bad class for the Brawler to run into is a counter/planner type. Do to them most likely using your own strength against you.
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Battle Brawlers
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